Hi, I'm Kristen!
 Nice to (e-meet) you! 
While I hope that my portfolio speaks for itself, I've worked in communications long enough to know that it's not just about the end-product. It takes a strategic thinker to really bring your vision to life and to help you see all of the possibilities. 
You see - I've always been a bit of an anomaly. I was a straight-A student who once got a B on a high-school geometry project because I drew my building like M.C. Escher. Obviously architecture wasn't my calling, but I did really love science. Like - really loved it.  
After starting the pre-med track in college and powering through super-fun classes like organic chemistry and comparative vertebrate anatomy, I realized I just couldn't give up my art for medical school. So I went to graduate school for medical illustration and spent several years drawing, animating, and designing communication materials about everything from pediatric brain surgery to molecular processes. 
Pretty cool, right? 
After graduate school, I transitioned into the energy industry for seven years as a graphic designer, digital content creator, and social media manager. While working with everyone from geologists to reservoir engineers, I learned a whole lot about (earth) science and really grew my skills in branding, multi-channel marketing, high-output production design, C-suite presentation support, and digital analytics. 
While I learned an incredible amount during that season of (corporate) life, it was time to venture out on my own and join the freelance world. I'm now living the entrepreneur's dream while working with brands of all shapes and sizes. 
So how can I help YOU? 
I'm glad you asked! 
I bring all those years of experience in art and science to every project. You can be sure I'll always be asking, "Is this (really) the most effective way to communicate to your audience?" 
Because while I'm more than happy to deliver a simple print brochure or a quick vector illustration, the magic really happens when we chat about your strategy and goals and how your brand is going to make a difference - one communication piece at a time.